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Zion ZFTA 300 Face, Fingerprint and RFID Time Attendance Access Control Terminal

AED 1,774.50
Zion ZFTA 300 Face, Fingerprint, and RFID Time Attendance Access Control Terminal loaded with advanced functions such as live-detecting fingerprint
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Zion ZTA 201 Fingerprint and RFID Time Attendance Access Control Terminal

AED 724.50
Zion ZTA 201 is a fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal which offers outstanding performance with advanced algorithms for
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Introducing Zion, a distinguished brand specializing in cutting-edge biometric technology, including fingerprint scanners, RFID scanners, and face detectors, available for purchase at our online store in Dubai, UAE. Zion is synonymous with innovative solutions that redefine security and access control.

Our online store offers a comprehensive range of Zion products designed to provide secure and efficient biometric identification. Zion offers a diverse portfolio from fingerprint scanners ensuring accurate and reliable user authentication to RFID scanners enabling seamless access control and face detectors incorporating advanced facial recognition technology.

Explore and compare prices on Zion's reputable line of biometric solutions, available on our online platform. Invest in the assurance of renowned protection for your security needs with Zion, a brand committed to excellence in biometric technology. Choose Zion on our website and elevate your access control and security measures with state-of-the-art biometric solutions in Dubai, UAE.