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How to set up a Disabled Toilet Alarm System

What is a Disabled Toilet Alarm System?
Disabled Toilet Alarm systems allow a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency.
How does a Disabled Toilet Alarm System work?
The user has to just pull the cord of a ceiling pull unit to activate a light and sounder outside the control panel to notify others. Here’s how the alarm system functions:

  • Simple 4/8 wire operation for all field devices
  • On board buzzer in both Control Panel & Remote Indicator
  • Zone LED indication on Control Panel
  • Full range of field devices available (i.e. Pull Cord, Remote Reset & Remote Indicator)
  • Accessible WC sticker is included in all kits to notify
  • Simple maintenance and fault diagnosis
  • Different zones can be monitored through a single control panel and can be integrated into BMS

From control panels to pull cord cables, Security Supplies deals with everything related to a disabled toilet alarm system from various brands like, Zeta, Aidalarm , and C-tec. Here’re the disabled toilet alarm systems from various brands.

  1. Aidalarm A600lkitm Aidalarm Mains Powered Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit
  2. C-tec NC951 Accessible Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit
  3. Zeta DPTA-KIT1 Disabled Toilet Alarm System (With Relay)

For more details about the disabled toilet alarm system which are available with us, visit us at www.securitysupplies.ae/ or call us at 04-570 7145 for assistance.

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