Parking Gate Barrier Systems

Do You Need Gate Barrier Systems? Know More About Parking Barrier Gate System


Builders and realty enterprises in Dubai are increasingly employing the most innovative facilities in their buildings to stay abreast of global standards. There has been a tremendous advancement in the technology being used to build state-of-the-art infrastructure for residential and commercial properties. From the latest and the safest elevator systems to the most advanced recreational facilities, the builders are paying attention to the minutest details to offer world-class amenities to the occupants.

While all these facilities are more than enough to win over anyone willing to invest in the properties, security systems continue to remain one of the most sought after facilities. From fire-safety facilities to parking security systems, safekeeping tops the priority list for both the builders as well as the occupants. Whether it is a residential complex or a commercial building parking lot is one of the most frequented areas and needs to be equipped with appropriate security systems.

Here are three ways in which a parking barrier gate system can help make your parking areas secure:

  1. Security check at entry and exit points

Scrutiny of credentials is one of the primary aspects of security in any building or gated community, whether commercial or residential. Installing a parking barrier gate is essential to ensure verification of the identity of anyone accessing or exiting the property at both the entry as well as exit points. Parking barrier gates also help in providing ample time for the guards to perform a security check on the vehicles before allowing admission into the building or complex.

  1. Access control to parking areas

A parking barrier gate also provides a reliable access control system for the building. It can prove beneficial in preventing any unauthorized entries by people. For businesses, parking barrier gates provide an efficient access control system at the entrance thereby enhancing business security. In most cases, the parking barriers are installed with a guard station wherein the guards can check the credentials of the person seeking entrance into the premises and determine whether they are authorized to be there.

  1. Traffic management

In high traffic commercial areas like malls, multiplexes, banks, and hotels, an automatic parking barrier gate provides an efficient traffic management solution. A barrier like the BFT MOOVI comes equipped with BFT Automation’s official rolling code technology that can automate the entry and exit of visitors either by the use of remote control or a single touch push button. The system provides enhanced control over the parking barriers and helps in regulating the entry and exit of vehicles with an appropriate time interval to prevent accidents.

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