Biometric Attendance System

The current trend of face recognition biometric time attendance system in Dubai

Face recognition biometric attendance system

The current trend of Face Recognition Biometric Time Attendance System In Dubai has been a preferred system for attendance management for a long time now. Efficient as it has been, given the recent developments, biometric machines have become a major factor in spreading contact infections. This is why employers in the UAE are now moving to an equally efficient and safer option of face recognition attendance system.

Face recognition biometricHow does facial recognition biometric attendance system work?

The facial recognition attendance system employs biometric technology which runs identification verification based on the facial characteristics of a person. The facial features of an employee can be keyed into the system from either a photograph or a video to build up a database. So, when employee clocks in or requests access, the system captures his/ her key facial features and cross verifies them with the facial database and recognizes the entry.

SupremaFaceLite Compact Face Recognition Terminal is a fast, contact-less, and error-free system of managing attendance and time-keeping. This is fast becoming one of the most preferred biometric attendance systems in the UAE.

zkteco-speedface-v5l-facial-recognition-biometric-access-control-terminalWhat are the benefits of facial recognition biometric attendance system?

Here are a few reasons why the facial recognition biometric attendance system takes attendance tracking a step ahead:

Automate time tracking

Time tracking using facial recognition is completely automated and eliminates the need for personnel monitoring the system. The system comes equipped with features to report attendance, absenteeism, overtime as well as employee movement.

Error-free attendance tracking

Attendance tracking and monitoring systems have been known to have recorded cases of human error. Buddy punching is also one of the most widespread loopholes which are exploited in several businesses. The Facial Recognition Attendance System offers fast and accurate tracking.

biomax-speedface-8tm-ai-facial-attendance-access-controlEnhanced security

Since the system is programmed to validate identification against the employee facial database, it automatically restricts access to intruders and flags all unrecognized attempts for entry. The facial recognition system also records the data captured and provides substantial evidence for security investigations.

Reduced contamination

Since the technology of facial recognition eliminated the need for any surface contact, it reduces the chances of contagion. This reduces the incidents of passing illness drastically.

Cost efficiency

The system comes with easy integration into the existing security system. This reduces infrastructure investment costs for the companies.

The facial recognition system in Dubai can work efficiently to increase the overall productivity of an organization. This also enhances the health and safety check by eliminating the need for physical contact and manual intervention. If you are considering migrating to the advanced technology and reap these benefits, Security Supplies can offer a host of options in the UAE. For details on our products and services, visit us at or call us at 04-570 7145.

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