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Samsung Hanwha Wisenet PNM-9020V 7 point 3 Megapixel Multi-sensor 180 Panoramic Camera

AED 5,911.50
Samsung PNM-9020V Hanwha Techwin’s first generation 180° panoramic multi-sensor camera. The PNM-9020V is part of the Wisenet P Series premium camera line and features H.265 codec. WiseStream technology, on-board analytics and up to 30fps at full resolution.

Samsung PNM-7000VD 2M H265 Multi directional Dome Camera

AED 2,316.30
Samsung-PNM-7000VD-Network-vandal-outdoor-Multi-sensor-Multi-Directional-dome-camera,-(2MP-X-2-sensors)[email protected],-modular-lenses-from-2.4,-2.8,-3.6-and-6mm-lenses,-triple-codec-H.265/H.264/MJPEG-with-WiseStream-II-technology,-150dB-WDR,-built-in-analytics