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Taking a step ahead in safety with the thermal camera

Taking a step ahead in safety with the thermal camera

The demand for technologies that can detect symptomatic people has been on a surge given the current scenario of the fast-spreading COVID-19 Pandemic. People are increasingly looking for solutions that can minimize person-to-person contact for diagnosis of infection. In such a situation, Thermal Imaging Cameras are a promising option to detect people with feverish symptoms. This is especially useful when implemented in high-traffic areas like hospitals, offices, and even travel terminals.

When properly installed and configured accurately, thermal cameras are proving to be a boon in today’s high-risk environment. There are several reasons behind institutions opting for the installation of thermal imaging cameras in high-traffic premises; it Measures Body Temperature almost instantly, it is completely contact-less, moreover, the readings can be viewed from a distance.

taking-a-step-ahead-in-safety-with-the-thermal-cameraThermal cameras cause minimal disruption in public places and reduce the risk of cross-contamination from close contact. One of the main reasons why they are being preferred is that accurate use of this technology can be done with even minimal training. As opposed to the conventional and more accurate options like thermometers that require formal training for proper usage to ensure sanitation, these cameras are an easier option for various establishments.

So how does a thermal camera work?

Thermal cameras work through infrared thermography or Thermal Imaging. The functioning of this technology is based on the laws of thermodynamics. All bodies release thermal electromagnetic radiation, also known as black body radiation. Thermal cameras detect this radiation which can be seen as a spectrum of colors depending upon the temperature of the body. The higher the temperature of the body, the more the intensity of the color red, and the lowest temperatures appear a deep shade of blue.

HIKVision and Dahua are one of the most dependable brands in CCTV systems in Dubai. HIKVision supplies Thermal and Optical bi-spectrum network cameras along with the entire CCTV kit which is easy to install and simple to configure. Dahua Technology is the Thermal Camera Supplier in UAE with a range of epidemic prevention solutions which include the thermal solution and thermal scanners enabling multi-person quick scans to facilitate efficient access. These cameras come equipped with intelligent control systems for non-mask detection and visual abnormal alert for back-tracking suspicious activity. With a temperature accuracy of 3 degrees give-or-take, this camera can be integrated with the CCTV system for efficient, contact-less scanning to secure public places.

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