Standalone Access Controls In Dubai, UAE

Enhance your security infrastructure with our state-of-the-art Standalone Access Controls, available for sale at reasonable prices in Dubai, UAE.  Buy these standalone systems providing a strong solution for managing access to your premises, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter.

Key Features of Our Standalone Access Controls

Independent Operation: Working independently, our access controls operate without dependence on a central system, providing effective and independent access management.

User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface for easy operation and management, ensuring that controlling access to your space is both simple and efficient.

Secure Authentication: Implement secure authentication methods, including key cards, PIN codes, or biometric options, for improved control over entry points.

Flexible Installation: With standalone access controls, installation is trouble-free, allowing you to implement a dependable access management system without complex setup requirements.

Reasonable Prices: Invest in top-quality security without compromising your budget – our standalone access controls offer a cost-effective solution for improved access management.

Improve Your Security Measures
Browse our range of Standalone Access Controls, check prices, and reinforce the security of your premises in Dubai, UAE. Enhance access management and ensure the safety of your space with our reliable and user-friendly solutions.

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Elock EL-ST100 Weather Proof Standalone Access Controller With Keypad & Proximity Technology

Elock EL-ST100 Weather Proof Standalone Access Controller with Keypad & Proximity Technology

AED 399.00
Elock EL-ST-100 Keypad Controller Weather Proof Standalone Access Controller With Keypad & Proximity Technology. Ideal for Single door lock system, Controlling Electric Lock, Security System. Four types of Verification mode for greater security.  Proximity card : Support most of the ISO 125KHz proximity card, thin card with 0.8mm, thick card with 1.8mm or keyfob. Red and Green LED for status indication.
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M1 Standalone Access control system with 10nos RF Tags

M1 Standalone Access control system

AED 252.00
M1 Stand Alone Access control system
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Felix FX-A700R Standalone Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance

AED 518.70
Felix FX-A700R Standalone Fingerprint Access Control and Time Attendance is an IP based fingerprint terminal that works in standalone and
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Vians MA30-E Waterproof Metal Standalone Access control device

AED 476.70
MA door access control keypad is of single door metal keypad, which is produced according to customer's requirements.Comparing with the common access control keypads, it is one of the most leading single door access control keypads, it not only has the function of the controller but also built in card reader, which is more convenient for using and installation. Unique metal shell design, skillful operation of the keyboard, built-in high-end microprocessors, strong anti-interference ability, mak our product high safety and reliability. Waterproof level of IP68,helps to prove the installation in outdoor harsh environments, and provides powerful security for 2000 users
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